Moongazy Camp 2024 – Pitch Balance

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Start: 16/05/2024 at 12:00
Finish: 20/05/2024 at 11:00

Moongazy Camp 2024 - Pitch Balance #1




Please use this to pay the balance for your pre-booked Moongazy 2024 pitch.

We use the “Super” payment system because there are no fees to pay. It will expect you to have a Banking App to work correctly. Please follow the instructions presented and be prepared to sue your banking app.

Moongazy Camp is a private function for Stonewylde fans only.

You should have already paid your deposit. If not, please add a deposit to your basket too. The number of pitches available is based on the number of deposits received. The balance can only be paid via this website to secure your pitch and must be paid before attending.

Please choose the number and type of nights carefully. There are only 11 electric hook-up pitches in total, so only select WITH ELECTRIC if that is what you originally booked when you paid your deposit. In other words, please don’t use this to “upgrade” yourself as it will cause lots of extra admin work trying to undo it.

Please select the date you intend to arrive and the number of nights you wish to stay for, up to and including Sunday night if you wish. You should note that these are special rally rates for Moongazy Camp, so should you wish to stay for Monday night and beyond, then you will need to book directly with the campsite for the nights you require.

We also need to collect:

  • Names of folk in your unit


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