Welcome to my reviews page. Here you will a few reviews I have found scattered around the Internet, some of them even have links. These you can read online.

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Kit Berry is a talented writer; her ideas and imagination are absolutely brilliant


… she soon spots the serpents in this paradise

Financial Times

It was late when I finished reading Moondance last night, a total ‘page turner’ some pages being turned whilst I held my breath … kitchenwitchuk.blogspot.com

Kitchen Witch

Magus in particular is a character who draws a direct sense of moral outrage from the reader … different take on fantasy and magic

British Fantasy Society

An emotional and compelling read … there was no doubt that I would be taken deeper into the rabbit hole and shown an even darker side to Stonewylde … the storyline is captivating and enjoyable, spellbinding and beautiful, tragic whilst simultaneously sanguine kaylaharriswriter.wordpress.com


a mix of benign and malevolent vivid characters … The journey through the story is paved with unexpected twists … a very absorbing and page turning tale


It’s beautifully written, the characters vivid … has great pace as well as character depiction which makes this all a magical experience … characters that really keep this novel gripping as death and mayhem ensue

Tatty’s Treasure Chest

Difficult for me to add to the superlatives that others have already given …

Amazon Reviews

a wonderful page-turner of a book that will keep you wanting more

Book Monkey Scribbles

Magus of Stonewylde is the perfect set up for extraordinary things to come … if a book can make me feel so passionately, I know it must be good … emotional, it sent my heart racing …

Book Chick City

become absorbed in this captivating plot populated with alluring characters … hugely satisfying and very intense … Tension is built up relentlessly, and the climax of the novel doesn’t fail to disappoint … Kit Berry’s writing is as vivid as ever …

Book Bag

… powerful stuff … disturbing and dramatic. Allow this story to grab hold, and it may not let you go.

Kevin Crossley-Holland on Stonewylde


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