Before Facebook came along, Stonewylde had its own forum, messaging and lively chat rooms. As the fan base blossomed, so too did the demands of the community, and over those early years we moved from place to place to meet those growing demands.  Many friendships were forged through the online community, as well as several romances. Sadly, as interest in Facebook grew, so the activity on the Stonewylde community dwindled. Users steadily migrated to the exciting new world of Facebook with all its rich new features and simple accessibility. It was difficult to compete! So I followed fans’ wishes and set up a page for Stonewylde on Facebook.  There is also a Stonewylde Appreciation group set up by a devoted fan, and another page for readers wishing to attend the annual Moongazy Camp held every May. Of course, I have my own author’s page too, as well as a personal profile, and I’m always happy to befriend any genuine Stonewylde readers. At the readers’ request, we have however kept the original forum content of two of the sites and we will maintain them for as long as we reasonably can. The old content can be viewed from the links below, together with links to the Facebook pages.


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