Wow – a brand new website!  I can’t quite believe we’ve finally got here.  Mr B and I have been talking about this for well over a year now, knowing that the lovely old website we’d originally built was starting to feel a bit creaky and past its sell-by date.  We spent ages discussing the type of website we wanted and just couldn’t agree.  I wanted “something really beautiful with a bit of a magical feel to it, and not too many confusing boxes and things but lots of pictures”.  Mr B wanted something with plenty of “functionality”.  This complete disparity in aims is why it’s taken so long to be born.

Poor man – I may have been slaving away over a hot laptop trying to finish the revisions of the first three books and then write the fourth book, but he’s been coming home from a long day’s work (yes, he does have a day-job!) and then designing me a website in the evenings.  We’ve had a couple of false starts, but here, finally, it is!  Kit Berry at the Gardens of HeliganI love the five pictures at the very top, which represent what I feel are the five most important elements of Stonewylde.  I ADORE the Goddess in the Landscape he’s used for the header.  She’s actually called the Mud Maid (not such a glam name) and is a beautiful natural sculpture situated in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall (well worth a long visit if you ever get the chance).  We took this photo back in 2006, along with several others with me lying next to her.  She’s huge,as you can see from the photo here.  I was very impressed when Mr B came up with the idea of using an “artified” picture of her from our album.

I love the snaky Stonewylde S all over the place, and the hare.  Mr B loves the fact that people can log in, make comments, respond to a poll and all that “functionality” stuff.  So the impossible has been achieved and after a great deal of effort, he’s managed to build a website that ticks almost all our boxes.  He’s such a clever man!  We’ll be improving the Stonewylde Store soon, and also adding new features to this website.  And let us know if there are any obvious glitches that we may have missed.  Soon I’ll be adding the cover for the fourth book, Shadows at Stonewylde.  I’ve seen the first mock-ups and had my say and input, and now I just can’t wait to see the finished cover!  We’ll also, very soon, be adding Stonewylde button badges and car window stickers to the shop, and a few other bits and pieces as we sort them out.  And not too long now until the Stonewylde pendants appear as well!

I do hope you all like this new website and that you’ll all register here (you only have to do this once to create your username) and leave comments.  Please also do “share” it – there’s a Facebook, Twitter etc link on the front page for this.  It really helps to spread the word about Stonewylde if you can do this.  And now … Mr B won’t know what to do with himself in the evenings!  I of course will be writing the fifth book – and trying to decide on a name for it.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Simone 10 years ago
    This is my lucky day! Firstly I joined Twitter today and found that you were on it and now I learn through Twitter that you have this lovely new website! I can’t wait to go and explore it. I am also looking forward to the new book out later this year. x

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