Kit Berry with fans at Waterstones Reading
The book-signing event in the Oracle at Reading went really well. Once again, the manager Ray was wonderful and really looked after us. Nathalie, one of the booksellers there, has been a huge Stonewylde fan for ages and she too took great care of us (and got her Shaman signed). Lots of Stonewylde readers came in to get their signed copies of Shaman and it was lovely to see them. Many shoppers stopped by in this busy branch of Waterstones to take a look at Stonewylde, and loads of copies of the first book were bought. The photo here shows four very happy women with their purchases of Magus of Stonewylde – ostensibly as gifts for their daughters, but they all said they wanted to read the books too!  To see all the other photos taken on the day, take a look at the Stonewylde Facebook page here.

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