Mr B and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Swindon Waterstones, which we believe was the sixth visit here! This is thanks to Vicki, pictured off-duty in the photo, who is an avid Stonewylde fan. It was her day off on Saturday, but she came in specially to have her copy of Shaman of Stonewylde signed. Many lovely readers turned up to say hello and at times the entire front of the shop was crammed with Stonewylders all having a good old chat! Lots of local fans came to buy their copies of the final book, and one lady dashed down from Bristol and arrived just before I left. I’ve posted an album of photos in our forum and also on the Stonewylde page on Facebook – click here to look.  Thank you so much to all who came especially, and to Vicki and the other Waterstones booksellers for looking after us. 


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