My book launch party for loyal members of the Stonewylde social network group was held on the day of the Corn Moon, August’s full moon. I’d hired the village hall again for the day, and people turned up in their droves to have their copies of the new books signed. The event was brilliant thanks to the team of Stonewylders who organised it all, from making name badges to deter gate-crashers to decorating the place with bunting, serving tea and coffee all day and bringing along delicious cakes and treats to share. Orion Books sent along their marketing person with a camera crew to film some of the event, whilst The Henge Bookshop sold all four of the new editions of Stonewylde at a huge discount, and offered extra discount to the fans in their wonderful shop.

Stonewylde fans in the barn at the Moongazy CampThe day was absolutely brilliant if somewhat hectic and I must have signed hundreds of books in total. One very special Stonewylder, known to us as Swampy, had organised a camping rally in nearby Calne for folk who’d travelled from afar (Ireland and Switzerland and all corners of the UK) and many of us camped for a few days. On the night of the Corn Moon, my lovely fans decorated the dingy and cobwebby indoor BBQ area we’d hired into a beautiful version of the Great Barn, and it was such an amazing surprise! We had a fantastic party and I just wish I hadn’t been so tired. Two people had made special Stonewylde cakes (no, not ceremony ones!) which we shared, and another who couldn’t make it had sent over bottles of mead! The whole event was one I shall never forget – we’re now all excited about the next Moongazy Camp in May 2012.


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