I was interviewed by Martyn Drake in Waterstone’s, Guildford after I’d run a Writer’s Workshop for young people. Find out what I said about becoming an author, the launch of Shadows at Stonewylde and the book tour, the future of Stonewylde and the exciting possibility of film, TV and audio books. I also talk about the growing community of fans and using social media to promote my books. And then … hear what I have to say about the fifth and final book in the series!

  1. MothChild 10 years ago
    I met you today at the book signing and just wanted to say how much I am already enjoying your book. I’ve been ill with M.E for almost 3 years now, and so to read about a character that I can actually relate to is a brilliant experience. Thank you for introducing me to Sylvie and Stonewylde.
    Blessed Be,
    Chloe (without the umlauts)
  2. Kit Berry 10 years ago
    Hi Chloe – I’m so glad you’re enjoying Stonewylde already! It was lovely meeting you yesterday. Happy reading, and if you really love the whole experience of Stonewylde, do come and join our social community. Bright blessings to you too – and sorry to hear of your M.E., which must be incredibly difficult to cope with. xxx

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