The very first book signing event for the fourth and long-awaited Stonewylde title, Shadows of Stonewylde, was held in Dorchester Waterstone’s because this was the bKit Berry with fans at the launch of Shadows at Stonewylde in Dorchester Waterstonesookshop closest to my old hometown of Weymouth where I wrote the series. This shop, in its previous life as Ottakers, was one of the very first places to stock my first book under their “local authors” section and it seemed right and proper to return to my Dorset roots for the first signing for this fourth book.

The lovely team of staff did me proud, and there were queues of readers waiting to buy Shadows almost all day. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces: people I’d known for so many years but hadn’t seen in ages, children I used to teach (now all grown up) and their parents, readers I’d never met before – so many people that I was really overwhelmed. We sold out of books eventually and I was delighted that the day had been such a great success.


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