Stonewylde promo-pixie, Sujee, with Kit Berry at Reading WaterstonesI had a brilliant time in the Oracle branch of Waterstone’s, Reading. The local press turned up, then more and more members of my family – in the end the family who came along to say hello were: my husband (of course), my sister, my step-son and step-daughter, and my three sons! It does help that we live in Reading – this wasn’t pure devotion. Sujee, one of the very original Stonewylde fans, also came to help me. She was great, handing out promotional cards to browsing customers and telling them all about the books. The photo shows two separate Stonewylde readers who turned up to say hello, and there were several others throughout the day. It’s so lovely when a reader comes specially and I really do appreciate it. This was a very successful signing indeed, with many books sold to new readers, and I shall be returning to this shop on Saturday December 3rd for a pre-Yule event.


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