I was very honoured to be invited to this special celebratory event, held in the beautiful Royal Geographical Society buildings right next to Hyde Park. I was attending as one of the guest authors with a little signing session, but was free to enjoy the rest of the day and attend the many talks and workshops on offer. It was absolutely brilliant! I listened to Emma Restall-Orr, Caitlin Matthews and Philip Carr-Gomm amongst others, and finally got to meet one of my heroes, Professor Ronald Hutton, who gave Stonewylde such glowing reviews several years ago. We also saw our friends from the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Karen Cater of Hedingham Fair, Morgan of Pagan Dawn and Kate and Corwen of Ancient Music, to name a few. The whole day was such fun and it was lovely to be hosted for my booksigning by the famous Atlantis Bookshop. Mr B and I really had a great day – many thanks to Chris Crowley and all the hard-working organisers from the PF and see you next year!

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