I spent a lovely time in Staines Waterstone’s on Saturday June 25th – and just look at these three wonderful Stonewylders who came in to say hello! This was my third visit to this store and it was good to be back – the Staines booksellers always make me feel very welcome. I shall be returning here on Sunday November 20th for a pre-Yule event.
  1. magentawillow 10 years ago
    I’ll be there! First place I met you and got my original books signed, so will definately be there for the hardbacks! xx
  2. Author
    Kit Berry 10 years ago
    I shall look forward to seeing you again and will be bringing my magic green pen! If you can hang around for a little while and help that will be lovely (but don’t worry if you can’t of course). See you in June xxx

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